hi, i'm libby

Hi! I'm your Midwest photographer, diving into the world of love and adventure with you. Whether it's the grandeur of weddings, the intimacy of elopements, or the warmth of family moments, I'm here to capture it all. Fueled by wanderlust and a genuine passion for love stories, I'm the outdoorsy type with a camera in hand. From your cozy living room to the winding trails you love, or even that cool local spot, I'm all about seizing those genuine, raw emotions. When you choose me, you're not just getting a photographer – you're getting a friend who throws in location suggestions, helps plan your wedding timeline, dishes out outfit advice, and ensures your experience is nothing short of incredible.Whether it's capturing your lifestyle, couples' connection, family joy, engagements, weddings, or intimate elopements – Libby Aos Photography is here for every memory-making adventure. Ready to turn your moments into cherished memories? Let's make some magic!