Where are you located?
Based just west of the Twin Cities in Minnesota and frequently immersed in the enchanting landscapes of Arizona, my lens is always on the move. I'm not just a photographer; I'm a roving storyteller, and you'll often find me on the road, navigating between family in South Dakota, Washington State, Florida, and even Germany, among other incredible places.
I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a diverse network of friends and family scattered far and wide. And here's the exciting part – I would absolutely love to add your location to my list! Whether it's capturing your day in a familiar place or joining you in a destination that holds a special meaning for you, count me in.
I've got a bucket list that spans the globe, and the best part? Many of these dreamy locations come with no additional travel fees. Dive into my adventures on Instagram, explore my location wish list, and let's make magic happen wherever your story unfolds!

One of my most frequent questions is what should we wear to our photo session? 
Neutrals, textures, patterns and prints in coordinating colors almost always work well. I recommend avoiding neon and bright colors, and prints on too many people coming to the session, or too many prints in one outfit. Avoid everyone wearing the same color tops and bottoms, and try mixing it up by wearing colors in the same family, but different shades. If you have any questions about an outfit or combination of outfits, let me know and I can help you make choices! I love styling. 

How long are your sessions? 
Sessions vary in length depending on the type of session you have booked. Mini sessions are 15 minutes and are only offered a few times a year. Family sessions are 30 minutes to 1 hour. Sessions with newborns are offered in home, and don't have a time cap. They are usually about an hour and a half because it is so special to capture all of the newborn moments and newborns have their own timeline. Most engagement sessions are 45 minutes to an hour, depending on locations and outfit changes. Elopements and weddings are offered in packages varying on the amount of time my clients would like to have captured. 

In home sessions? 
Absolutely will do an in home session! I love having clients at their most comfortable and relaxed to get the best photos. Family sessions, couples, new borns, maternity, I love them all.  

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